Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Verbal Transcription of Lab

When talking to the class I felt like I have no confidence in what I was saying. On the first day of class I really wasn't expecting to have to teach a lesson, and I was not at all prepared for it. When talking to a class I need to be more energetic and show interest in what I am talking about. I personally love basketball and in my voice you can tell I was really nervous and was not energetic at all. Also, I noticed that I repeated what I said two times and I was not very clear when teaching how to dribble. For example when I was talking about keeping the ball closer to your side its for protection so the defenders can't knock it away instead of what I said. When my peers were dribbling around I could have told them what they were doing wrong and told them they were doing a good job. From listening to myself talk I feel that I really need to get my energy level up and be confident in what I am saying because it showed. I was shocked that I only said umm once in my head I felt I was saying it a lot more.

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