Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Giving Feedback

Personally, I was very shocked on how much feedback I gave to my peers during my lesson because when I was doing the lesson I felt that I wasn’t giving any. I gave both skill related feedback and behavior feedback. For example when Nick and Jason where both lined up the way I wanted them to be I demonstrated them to the class and told them good job. I also used negative feedback to Melissa when she was dribbling. She really didn’t have that much control of the ball and I told her to get more into her ready position then standing straight up. I think I when giving feedback I should also watch and give it to more girls, I tended to give a lot of feedback to the guys.

China Lab C- Transcription

When first being told about the China lab I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect out of the games we had to choose from. Like the Chinese games they are very similar to the American games that we play. I was also more nervous for this lesson because I was going to have to teach for seven minutes, which felt like the longest seven minutes of my life. Before the lesson I had the perfect introduction in my head that when I got up there I forgot everything I was going to say. I noticed that I tend to say “all right” too many times and I tend to say so if everyone can a lot too. I think hearing myself on the mp3 players makes me want to work harder on the way I project myself to the class. When listening to myself I found that my directions were not very clear at all and my peers were confused with my directions, and I switched from saying hockey to field hockey when talking about shinney. One postive to my lab was my feedback. I feel that I give good feedback even though its just a simple good job. I hope in the next attempt at lab c I really concentrate on not saying “ all right” and “ so if you can” to many times.

Monday, February 16, 2009


My voice tone dramatically changed from the first lab to the second. You can notice in my voice that I become much more confident in what I was saying and I had total confidence over all. When doing my transcription I noticed that I repeated myself way to much, and I said the same thing over and over again. Also I said "you guys" a lot instead of referring to the student's by their actually name. I said alright three or four times, but I didn't say umm this time and I sounded like I knew what I was talking about. I was impressed in my tone of voice change, and how over all I felt more confident in myself and it showed it my voice.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Time Coding

When reviewing my video I noticed that I had my students engaged in activity for the majority of the three minutes. I think I could have done a better job at giving instructions and explaining the different types of dribbling skills we were going to work on. When I changed each dribbling task,  I took around 10 seconds to explain what the new task was going to be. When figuring out my percents my management time was under 15%, activity time was more then 50%, and my instruction time was less then 30%. I fell into all of those percents, but I still feel that I was not that clear on my instructions and I could have done a better job teaching and explaining. 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

" Coaching is Teaching"

Tonight I attended Paul Alexander's lecture " Coaching Is Teaching" and he taught me very valuable lessons for when I become I coach. I huge decision on me becoming a Physical Education was because I was going to have the opportunity to coach. My high school field hockey coach is my role model, and I want to make the impact on people that she has made on me. Paul Alexander’s talked about his childhood and where he started off in a small town in Rochester and how he made it to the NFL. One part of the lecture I enjoyed was how he shared the best advice he was ever given. When Alexander graduated Cortland he had all intentions of going back home to his high school and teach physical education and become a football coach, much like the rest of us. His mother told him no, and how there was a whole world out there. Alexander attended Penn State graduate school and became involved with the football program. Also throughout the lecture he talked about all the things that Cortland taught him, and all his professors that made an everlasting impact on his life. I strongly believe that coaching is teaching, and your teaching your athletes more beyond just drills and plays but life lessons./Users/Heather/Desktop/football-bengals-extended.jpg

Sunday, February 8, 2009


In my lesson I did not give any form of feedback to any of the student's on their dribbling. In class on Friday I learned how important it is to give feedback, not only to some but to all students of your students. I also learned that there are three different types of feedback positive, neutral and negative and should be given on the level on which each student is performing. Feedback is important so your student's know where they stand and they feel good after their teachers tells them they are doing a good job. All the pieces are coming together to make me a better students and to improve after my first lesson. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Verbal Transcription of Lab

When talking to the class I felt like I have no confidence in what I was saying. On the first day of class I really wasn't expecting to have to teach a lesson, and I was not at all prepared for it. When talking to a class I need to be more energetic and show interest in what I am talking about. I personally love basketball and in my voice you can tell I was really nervous and was not energetic at all. Also, I noticed that I repeated what I said two times and I was not very clear when teaching how to dribble. For example when I was talking about keeping the ball closer to your side its for protection so the defenders can't knock it away instead of what I said. When my peers were dribbling around I could have told them what they were doing wrong and told them they were doing a good job. From listening to myself talk I feel that I really need to get my energy level up and be confident in what I am saying because it showed. I was shocked that I only said umm once in my head I felt I was saying it a lot more.