Thursday, February 12, 2009

" Coaching is Teaching"

Tonight I attended Paul Alexander's lecture " Coaching Is Teaching" and he taught me very valuable lessons for when I become I coach. I huge decision on me becoming a Physical Education was because I was going to have the opportunity to coach. My high school field hockey coach is my role model, and I want to make the impact on people that she has made on me. Paul Alexander’s talked about his childhood and where he started off in a small town in Rochester and how he made it to the NFL. One part of the lecture I enjoyed was how he shared the best advice he was ever given. When Alexander graduated Cortland he had all intentions of going back home to his high school and teach physical education and become a football coach, much like the rest of us. His mother told him no, and how there was a whole world out there. Alexander attended Penn State graduate school and became involved with the football program. Also throughout the lecture he talked about all the things that Cortland taught him, and all his professors that made an everlasting impact on his life. I strongly believe that coaching is teaching, and your teaching your athletes more beyond just drills and plays but life lessons./Users/Heather/Desktop/football-bengals-extended.jpg

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