Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lab D- Bowling Lesson

When preparing for my lab D I was really excited to be able to teach bowling because I love to bowl and something I have been doing for a long time. Planning for Lab D took more time and preparation, and I soon realized it was difficult to come up with twenty different progressions, but as my research on bowling continued I soon learned that there are tons more progressions. For this lesson is also required that I completed my first lesson plan on my own. Starting off on a bad foot the day I needed to teach I went into the bathroom and got myself together. Overall, I feel that I have improved greatly and have taken all the tools I have learned throughout the semester and put them all into this lesson. When going over my transcript I still caught myself saying “ All right” way to many times and something I still need to work on. I also think from the first lab to the last lab you can really notice my change in tone and that I sound more confident in what I am saying. Also another area I have improved on is giving feedback. In my Lab C I only gave feedback to nine kids in the class. In Lab D I gave feedback to the entire class, and more then once. One change I could have made to my lesson was the waiting around. I had to many students sitting around, which can often times lead to behavioral issues. To fix this problem I can get more lanes and have two students to each lane to decrease the waiting time. At the conference in Tampa I learned that students stop listening after 90 seconds of instructions and as a student I can relate to that. During my lesson I tried to speak as less as possible and got the students into activity right away. As a student I hated sitting around and waiting, I always wanted to get right into the activity, and as a future teacher I try to keep that thought in my. I believe I have greatly improved my teaching skills this semester, and will carry on all the information for the rest of my teaching career.

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