Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shinny - Round Two

Being my second time teaching I was more confident in what I was doing and really wanted to get into a game like situation of “ shinny” which I thought went very well. Professor Yang threw a curve ball at me and when I had my back turned two of the girls in the class got into a fight. I learned during this lesson that I need to keep my back to the wall and not my students with two games going on I should have had my back to the bleachers and been aware of everything going on around me and I would have caught the fight a lot sooner then what I did. When filling out my time coding form I realized this time I had my peers waiting around for 30 seconds for me to give them the ball. I should have had the ball already prepared in the court so they weren’t just standing around waiting for me to give them the ball. I feel like I do a good job on giving instructions and getting them right involved in an activity. Most of the time spent was doing activity.

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